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Reflex-Booster Scalar Energy Product

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The Reflex Booster is said to reduce injury recovery time and inflammation.

P520.00 only for BIG Inc. members. Call 553-4483 for more info.

Reflex Booster is a unique health:

* It used within the alternative health field as a cure for ailments
like muscle pain. The Reflex Booster is said to reduce injury
recovery time and inflammation. Outside the disease aspect
of health improvement, the Reflex Booster is also used to
enhance normal health by stimulating circulation.
* Reflex Booster contains Bio Ceramics from Japan that
generate Scalar Energy, Far-Infrared Rays (FIR) and beneficial
Negative Ions to provide immediate relief and effective results
and neodymium magnet heal a person affected by the body
building a resistance to the electromagnetic field. Periodic
discontinuance is suggested for optimal benefits. This is due
to the body developing resistance to the magnets.
* Scalar Energy helps neutralize harmful frequencies around
us and converts them into healing energy frequencies which
increase our cells energy level to 70-90 mini volts and ensure
our cells remain healthy. While the heat from the FIR deeply and
safely penetrate the body to help improve blood circulation and
provide healing effects on our cells. A neodymium magnet covers
the alleviation of pain and the general improvement of health.
This may allow for a reduction in pain medication. Use of a
neodymium magnet within the field of athletics includes aid in
warning muscles to improve performance level.

Here’s how Reflex Booster works in 3 Easy Steps!
* Use only as directed. Each pad for 1 Shoe to efficiently produce
immediate results.
* Clean the area of application thoroughly. Targeted shoe pad area
must be clean & dry.
* Applied firmly with a gentle rub over targeted shoe pad area.

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